About Us

The Precision 22 Steel Challenge (P22SC) is a marksmanship competition that is limited to .22 long rifle cartridge, fired from bolt action or semi-automatic .22 LR caliber rifles equipped with optics, at steel targets of varying shapes and sizes, at distances from 25 to 400 yards. The P22SC is apart of the Rimfire PRS Series.

Firing positions are different stress challenges, props, or obstacles from which the shooter takes up a position and fires a pre-determined course of fire within specified time limits. Points are earned for impacts on the prescribed steel targets in the manner required by the course of fire, within the specified time limits for that stage.

Matches will have multiple stages at varying distances and from various props. The match winner is the shooter who receives the most points scored during the match.

Recommended Equipment:

- Rifle and ammo capable of 1 MOA at 50 yards

- 110 rounds of ammo

- Exposed elevation turret

- Ballistic reticle, preferably FFP

- Minimum 14 mils of total elevation (dial plus holdover)

- DOPE out to 400 yards

- Bipod

- Shooting bag

All Precision 22 Steel Challenge matches will be held at Racine County Rifle Club on Ranges 1 and 6.

Racine County Line Rifle Club is Wisconsin's premier mid distance shooting range.

Directions to Racine County Line Rifle Club

From I-94 exit at 7-mile rd. and go East approximately 5 miles to WI hwy 32 and turn right, (South) proceed 1 mile to 6-mile Road. Turn left on 6 Mile Road and go East for about ¼ mile and then turn left (North) onto Michna Road. Proceed on Michna Rd. for 1 mile (do not enter the Rohner/FBI range) and then turn left onto 7 Mile Road. Proceed on 7 Mile Road for about ¼ mile and turn right (North) onto the gravel road adjacent to the RR tracks. Watch for the range signs and follow the road onto the club property and adhere to instructions from the RCLRC gate guard